The Layout
Banan Järfälla Modelljärnvägsklubb JMJK

The Layout

Our layout is basically an around the wall design with return loops in a couple of locations. In one station a branch line takes off to two smaller stations, this is a point to point line so in the last station you have to turn back. We also have a couple of hidden staging yards, one is in two levels and contains 100 feet of track, the other one is used for swapping train sets during operating sessions. Our layout just about fills out our 33X45 foot room, we have a walk in design with 5 stations..

New Port

This is our biggest city with a Union Station, large freight yard, roundhouse with a 131 foot turntable and shop buildings. It also has an industrial park and a short stretch of streetcar track.

Rapid City

Rapid City is representing a fairly large town with passenger station and a few freight yard tracks, some local industries and a smaller engine terminal.


It is a smaller town with a freight yard and a coal mine. This is the start off point for traffic on our branch line.

Anchor Head

This small hamlet is a grain terminal with passing tracks and a small station. It also simulates a junction between two railroad companies.


This is the end of the line, Adeline has two smaller yards, one has a station, the other is connected to an engine terminal with a two stall roundhouse and turntable.

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Technical Details

Since a couple of years we are running DCC and wireless hand controls, brand is MRC/Gaugemaster. Our layout started out being analog with plug in walk around pulse throttles. This required a dispatcher and a layout divided into sections, all this has been kept so that the possibility still exists to have an analog operating session. Communication to the dispatcher is then made over handheld radios. The signal system and traffic control is controlled with the use of Twin-T circuits, our cars are requested to be equipped with small resistors in order to trip the circuits.

Our track is of flex track type and has Code 83 and 100 from different manufacturers, all our turnouts are from Shinohara.

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